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Ariel is one of the most beloved Disney Princesses and the popularity of The Little Mermaid transcends generations. In 2019, this worldwide phenomenon turned 30. Naturally, Disney wanted to celebrate this milestone in a big, big way to inspire fans to re-engage with the franchise. 

We thought the best way to accomplish this objective was to create a video tribute to the fans. We conducted a search for the most passionate, devoted, and diverse group of people who go mad for all things mermaid. We then set out to capture their love for The Little Mermaid with great tenderness and authenticity. We wanted to show that Ariel’s fan-base sees the The Little Mermaid as more than just childhood nostalgia, but a tale of a girl who went way beyond the surface and inspired them to do the same. 

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We clearly accomplished our goal. The moment Disney posted “Finomenon”, comments poured in from all across the globe. Themes of childhood, exploration and diversity abounded, along with pleas to protect the sea in Ariel’s name. In essence, our video captured the truth that The Little Mermaid is more than just a movie; it’s a part of our world.

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