It’s not just a hearing aid. It’s a multifunctional marvel.

Despite innovations in the category, most folks see hearing aids as the first step in the slow walk toward electric scooters and early bird specials. This stigma causes people who experience hearing loss to wait an average of 7 years to get a hearing aid. We asked ourselves, how can we change perceptions of hearing aids? The answer lay in the creation of a truly revolutionary technological advancement in the word of hearing aids, and the communications surrounding it.


With the introduction of their newest product, Marvel, Phonak reinforced its reputation as the industry’s technological leader and gave hearing aids the “cool factor” they so desperately needed. This breakthrough product combined seamless connectivity to ALL Bluetooth devices (Android and Apple) along with clear, rich sound quality, hassle-free recharging and the convenience of remote service--all in ONE beautiful instrument.


We realized that we could minimize this stigma and attract a younger audience by showcasing Marvel not as a medical device, but rather, as a technological “Marvel.” We crafted a promise that would drive all communications:


This meant that we needed to disrupt the category with creative work that veered away from typical hearing aid conventions: stock-footage-like imagery, testimonials, and poignant stories of grandparents wanting to bond with their grandchildren. We came up with the idea to launch with a series of webisodes, along with traditional TV, print, digital and social executions. The communications featured two best friends, Sarah and Ellie (think Grace and Frankie) and showcased Marvel’s multifunctional, life-enhancing, capabilities with style and wit.


This watershed moment in the hearing aid category lead to great success for Phonak. Marvel exceeded sales goals across the globe, won the Best Mobile Medical Device at the Consumer Electronic Show and was coined the best hearing aid of 2019.