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Despite category innovations, most folks still see hearing aids as the first step in the slow walk toward electric scooters and early bird specials. This stigma causes people who experience hearing loss to wait an average of 7 years to get a hearing aid. We realized that we could minimize this stigma and attract a younger audience by showcasing Marvel not as a medical device, but rather, as a technological “Marvel.” So, we crafted a promise that would drive all communications across various platforms, reaching our consumer at various touchpoints along their path to purchase:

It’s not just a hearing aid; It’s a multifunctional marvel.


We seized the opportunity to shift perceptions of hearing aids from dreaded medical device to a desirable, lifestyle-oriented piece of technology by disrupting the category with creative work that veered away from typical hearing aid conventions.


We abandoned the stock-footage-like imagery, emotional testimonials, and poignant stories that currently dominate the competitive landscape. Instead, we came up with the idea to launch with a series of webisodes—a format that was unique to the category and perfect for our Modern target. The series featured two best friends, Sarah and Ellie (think Grace and Frankie) and showcased Marvel’s multifunctional, life-enhancing, capabilities with style and wit. The Sarah and Ellie offensive also included traditional TV spots, print, an interactive website, digital banners, and communications targeted to audiologists.

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