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The healthcare system in America is broken. Appointments are hard to get, wait times are long, and insurance is always a hassle. In fact, according to a Zocdoc Study, 9 out of 10 millennials say they would rather let an illness or injury go untreated than go to the doctor. Inspired by this cultural insight, we created “You Need Some CityMD,’ a campaign made up of personal pleas to the sick or injured from family, co-workers, Tinder dates, friends, Uber drivers, or basically anyone close to them.


Then, we took the campaign to the most germ-infested place in New York City, the subway. Individually calling out sick city dwellers who needed some CityMD. We then invited people to submit a sick plea on Twitter and posterized it for all of New York to see. Pleas came in from co-workers, roommates, students, gym buddies, etc. So, basically, we used an entire city to guilt people into getting better.